Monday, August 15, 2011

Truck Farm Chicago's inaugural tour is nearly four months in (now powered by biodiesel from Loyola University) and we're giving away cherry tomatos on a daily basis.

During a Truck Farm visit the other day, a young grandmother asked me, "If you don't sell anything from your little farm, what do you do with it?" So, while her kids sampled produce and painted veggies on the truck, I explained our mission, i.e. connecting kids to food & wellness, and described our programming (often w/partners), i.e. visiting schools & conducting programming like gardening, wellness education and cooking.

That said, now with a few miles under my farming belt, I'm realizing the power of using the topic of food for learning. We're all connected to it at least three times a day and it's connected to everything else. From brain power, to healthcare costs and from public policy to social justice and jobs, food is our medium. Fresh, tasty food. And the best part is the number of practical ways to improve our system. It's not about sacrifice, it's about abundance. It's not about higher costs, it's about food that tastes great and nourishes us (and the soil). And being with youth to talk about these issues is a great place to be. And that's why Truck Farm continues to roll...

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P.P.S. Coming soon: The difference between corn/soy farm and a small vegetable farm. Then, the real cost of 'flaming hots.'

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