Thursday, April 14, 2011

If standardized tests aren't the whole answer, what is?

I've yet to meet a teacher that believes existing standardized tests are a fully adequate measure of student performance. And I've yet to meet a business executive that hires (for careers that pay well) based on how well applicants do at rote memorization and linear thinking.

So, how should we spend time in schools and how do we measure student performance?

I've written about Whole Child Education. Still a great site, here.
And here's a three minute video at Edutopia (George Lucas' foundation) on assessment.

Enjoy Spring!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've been a big fan of TED talks. TED conferences happen all over the world and the brief talks/presentations are available for free at Listening to them while in my car makes me immune to Chicago traffic. Why mention it here? There are a number of TED speakers with great insight into children and education. Three of my favorite:

Kiran Bir Sethi - empowering children

Aimee Mullins - the opportunity of adversity

Sir Ken Robinson - creativity

I was fortunate to see Sir Ken speak last week with old ski buddy and consultant Dani Stern who runs a Montessori school in Bozeman. We didn't get any photos with Ken, so here's one of Dani and I.